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Modern butler etiquette
The perfect finishing touch for top hotel and house staff

Career opportunities

This special seminar offers a professional update for butlers in the upscale hotel industry in terms of appearance and manners.


Practice-oriented fine-tuning in the areas of technical competence, high empathic skills, competent advice, perfect manners and a serious appearance.


Because precisely these are the expectations that today's discerning guests have of upscale hotel and house staff


Top staff from the upscale hotel industry and exclusive private households as well as ambitious employees on the way there.


The butler in the 21st century

Development of the profession, the role as host

The first impression

Body language and effect, preparation for the first meeting

Come / New Media

Internal and external communication, stylish correspondence, small talk

Boarding school Etiquette

Greet, greet, receive, say goodbye, introduce, cultural comparisons

Official events / meals

Correct behavior with complaints and guest requests, minutes, hostess


The appearance from “hairstyle to shoe”, business clothing, uniform and dress codes

Dates ongoing

Course times

5 days (6 hours each)

Course costs

EUR 2,140.00 including 20% sales tax

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