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Recommendations & Tips from BUTLER BUREAU

Heinrich Heine once said: "Of all the worlds that man has created, that of the books is the most powerful." Even in exclusive household management, a lot is built on in-depth knowledge of the subject. Practice is a big part of a butler or housekeeper, without the knowledge and understanding behind this "science", but ten years of experience doesn't help either. Here we show personal recommendations that we would recommend to anyone who has already decided to work in exclusive household management or is currently developing in this direction. Have fun browsing:

Debrett's Guide To British Style

British style has long had a far-reaching impact that sees it imitated and reimagined around the world. This pocket guide explains British dress codes.


Serving the wealthy

The 125 color photographs and 785 pages of know-how gleaned over more than a quarter of a century of work in service, up close and personal, to the wealthy, as well as over six decades of living and learning, add up to a tome that is a must-have for any professional's library.


Service. The basics

Correct tablecloths and serving, knowledge of the inventory and its care as well as skillful beverage service and correct billing are basic algae for every service employee, comparable to the basic recipe of a dish.


The new big etiquette

Good behavior and correct manners are the prerequisites for professional and private success. The new big etiquette from the behavior expert Silke Schneider-Flaig offers the most important rules for a stylish appearance in all situations.


The Butler's Guide

For nearly thirty years, Stanley Ager, one of the most esteemed butlers of the twentieth century, ensured that St. Michael's Mount was an impeccable place to live and a gracious and welcoming one for guests to visit.


Housekeeping: Management in the hotel

In order to be able to run the housekeeping department professionally and thus convey a homely feeling to the guest, besides the conveyance of extensive specialist knowledge, bespoke documents are required.


Service. The master class

Carving, filleting, flambéing and marinating are activities that have been in the shadows in local gastronomy for years. They are, so to speak, the higher orders of every service employee.


The Butler Speaks

Charles MacPherson offers modern advice on personal style and etiquette - how to receive guests; present your business card; Make polite dinner conversation - and advice on entertaining at home.

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