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The decision for a candidate

After interviewing all of the candidates, it is time to make a decision that is seldom easy to make as it depends on many factors. Errors in the selection should be avoided, especially in private households, in which the personality of the staff plays a major role.


There is no such thing as a science, the right decisions often come from "gut instinct". Pick the person who you are most comfortable with.


Alternatively, you can suggest to the potential candidate to do one or two paid trial days in your household. Observe how the candidate works and interacts with other domestic workers and other family members.


Follow the process with an informal conversation to see how you are feeling before you make up your mind. If you can't find someone to employ, don't panic. Don't make decisions out of desperation. This is the worst approach. An alternative in this situation would be to hire someone on a short-term basis for now.


Check references


Once you've made the final offer, there is only one thing left to do: check the domestic workers' references. There are a number of ways to do this, for example by post, by phone, through a third party or in person. Check all references, and don't believe every testimonial once you've read it.


Follow up your prospect's reviews and find explanations and reasons for benchmarks. As soon as these have been checked to your satisfaction, you can confirm the start date and prepare the contract.

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